Friday, 18 March 2011

Do you want to know who i am?

Are all of you want to know about me?My full nme is Mohd Iskandar Afiq or u can call me Isz.I'm 17years old n i'm born at Johor Bahru@J.B.But now i lives in Malacca.A historical places.I and my family start moving to Mlacca at 2004 because my dad got new project here.I'm just a simple n happy go lucky guy.I just want to enjoy with all human that i know.but if u want to have a fight with me,just watch out!!I can be so fierce like a lion because i'm a hot temper.I will not mess with people if they don't mess with me.I like music like party music,electro house n sometimes smooth songs.At high school,i start school at High School Malacca at 2007-2010.Then my mom want me trasfer to Teknik Melaka Tengah(what a boring n fucking school ever!!).I miss my high school malacca.I miss my friends in there n all the memory's with them.I hope that we can see each other again soon.I have a facebook n if you want to add me just search Kapten Brightside.Why i choose brightside n what it's means?Brightside is the nme that i take from a title song of The Killers band(MR.Brightside).It's a song that show a good guy,that always make a wonderful time for his couple.Love his couple so strong until he will do anything for his couple so that his couple will not sad n always be happy with him.That is what the meaning of my nick name.So if you want to be friends with me,i will.but if you didn't want,i don't care!!Just that i want to tell all of you about myself.T.Q.

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